• About us

    We are the only dedicated paediatric intensive care facility within New Zealand. ICU provides a national service for children requiring intensive care for longer than 24 hours and a regional service for all children requiring intensive care or high dependency care.

  • Bereavement Service

    The Bereavement Team is available to provide follow-up support to families who have experienced the death of a child in PICU

  • ECMO - Extracorporeal life support

    ECMO is an advanced therapy that acts as a temporary support for the lungs +/- the heart

  • Nursing education in PICU

    Our aim as PICU Nurse Educators is to promote excellence in child health through the provision of accessible and relevant educational programmes and clinical support, enabling the PICU nursing team to acquire, maintain and improve competence in practice.

  • Nursing in PICU

    Based in central Auckland, our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Starship Child Health is the only dedicated 22 bed paediatric intensive care/high dependency care unit in New Zealand.

  • Patient at Risk (PaR)

    The Patient at Risk (PaR) team is a nurse-led team focused on the management of children at risk of deterioration throughout Starship Hospital.

  • Research in PICU

    The Starship Paediatric Intensive Care Unit has a strong commitment to clinical research and an active research programme that aims to translate research outcomes into sustainable improvements in clinical practice.

  • The PICU Retrieval Service

    The Starship PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) Transport Service is a well established retrieval service that is based out of the PICU at Starship Child Health, the only tertiary paediatric hospital in New Zealand.