Starship Foundation aims to enable every family in New Zealand access to world leading child healthcare and experiences

How you can help

When a child's life hangs in the balance, your support can make all the difference.

  • Fundraising

    Your ideas and enthusiasm can raise much needed funds to support Starship's children.

  • Starship's National Air Ambulance

    Donating each month

    Your monthly donations will help save the lives of New Zealand's most critically ill children.

  • Including a gift in your Will

    Your bequest will makes a vital contribution to the care of future generations of children.

  • Giving through your pay

    Donating directly from your pay allows your money to work even harder for Starship's children.

  • Playing a game

    Giving a specific item

    Your gift can nurture children's spirits as well as their bodies.

  • Giving in memory

    Donating in memory of your loved one expresses your love and remembrance.

  • Giving in celebration

    You can share the love celebrated by your special occasion with Starship's children.

  • Volunteering

    Join the Starship Foundation's small team of dedicated volunteers.

Your donation can help transform the lives of children at Starship.

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