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Every day your generous support will help to save young lives - just like five-year-old Cameron who was born with a heart condition called hypoplastic right heart syndrome - or HRHS. It meant half of his heart was missing.

Your kindness will ensure Starship is equipped to give seriously ill children like Cameron their best chance of survival. Starship is the centre for paediatric excellence in New Zealand.  In every sense the success of Starship embodies the spirit of teamwork. The goal shared by all staff is to provide the very best diagnosis and treatment for all childhood and adolescent disorders, matching or exceeding the best available in the world. The need for the Starship National Air Ambulance Service, state-of-the-art equipment, expert medical teams with the latest training, and an environment that helps children heal is huge - and it is only with your help that we can provide the best resources available.

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From the moment Cameron was born, it was a time of sickening worry for his parents Rachael and Nick. He was rushed to intensive care; the doctors were trying to get him stable, to get him through to being able to have his first surgery.

Thanks to the surgical team's skill and Cameron's resilience, he survived this first surgery and spent the first 11 weeks of his life at Starship - most of it in intensive care.

When Cameron was three years old, he was supposed to have his third and final open heart surgery.

Rachael and Nick were full of hope that, before too long, their little boy would be able to put the whole ordeal behind him and get on with living a normal childhood. That didn't quite go to plan.

After surgery, Cameron went into complete renal failure. Instead of going home, he was rushed into the operating theatre for an emergency fourth open heart surgery.

The amazing team at Starship gave Cameron another chance at life. After three weeks in intensive care, and another four weeks in the heart ward, Cameron was allowed to go home, just in time for Christmas. It was the greatest gift Rachael and Nick could have asked for.

Today, Cameron is a happy six-year-old who is enjoying being at school.

"I will never forget that we have our beautiful son because of Starship and the generous people who support it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Rachael, whose son Cameron needed life-saving surgery at Starship.

Thank you for being a star for all of Starship's children.

Our valued Star Club supporters give a set donation every month of the year so that all children in New Zealand can receive world class healthcare. The power of their gifts is remarkable, and now we're inviting you to join this amazing group of people.

By donating each month, you enable us to be more efficient and know how much we can regularly count on to plan ahead and expand our healing reach across New Zealand. You can control any changes to your donations, just call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782 774), and we can help you start or change your donations at any time.

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