Keep our Air Ambulance Flying

Your support of the Starship National Air Ambulance will help save the lives of children from all over New Zealand. With your kind donation more children like Jasmine, Matilda, Harri and Ethan will receive the critical life-saving care when they need it. Please help us to keep the Starship National Air Ambulance flying year round by making a monthly or one off donation today. 

The impact of your support

YOUR IMPACT - Starship is the life-line for children all over New Zealand with over 135,000 patient visits each year. Every hour of everyday, extraordinary stories of courage, skill and compassion continue to unfold from around the country. Thanks to your generosity the Starship Foundation is able to sustain and accelerate the pace of change towards world class health care for all. See what impact your kindness has had in the last year and some of our impact acceleration programs for 2019.