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Continuing Education Opportunities

Starship supports the education and development of our nurses.

The nursing team is committed to the provision of excellence in nursing care in response to service needs. The nursing practice focus is to achieve effective patient outcomes through family-centred care.

You will be helped to achieve your potential through:

One of the great things about Starship is the diverse working environment

Michelle, Nurse

You will be expected to:

Professional Development & Recognition Program
As part of ADHB, Starship supports the education and development of our nurses and the PDRP.

Nursing practice is differentiated into 4 levels, ranging from novice to expert, in order that the right nurse delivers the right care to the right patient at the right time with the right support.

Nurses have access to ongoing clinical practice development to support their progression in developing the knowledge skills and attitudes required.

Progress through these levels is managed by charge nurses or team leader and supported by nurse educators.

In recognition of nurses who have achieved level 3 or 4, extra payments above the basic salary are added as follows:

It is a legal requirement under the Health Practitioner Competency Act (HPCA) that nurses maintain a professional portfolio, which provides evidence of their ongoing current knowledge and skills, in order to maintain a practising certificate. The portfolio will contain performance objectives and review; peer reviews and evidence of ongoing education and development. This portfolio will be assessed 3 yearly by an independent assessor.

Starship Foundation Research Scholarship
Starship Child Health is committed to supporting nursing research and nurse-led projects. Nurses are encouraged to engage in nursing research as an important way to advance clinical practice. This advancement enhances the healthcare provided to the children and their families who seek our help.

In recognition and support of this important area the Starship Foundation provides several child health nursing research scholarships each year. The goal of the scholarships is to enrich nursing knowledge and advance practice expertise in the area of child health nursing.

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