Outreach programme

The Douglas Starship Simulation Programme (DSSP) has developed an outreach programme to support other centres throughout New Zealand.

An outreach service offers a number of benefits and advantages to participating hospitals including:

  1. Multidisciplinary attendance - it is often difficult for a multidisciplinary team of different specialties and different levels of experience (for example: medical, nursing (senior and junior), consultant, registrar, house surgeon, paediatric, emergency, anaesthesia and intensive care) to attend a session out of town, but is much easier to achieve when on site, and has the advantage of less time away from actual patient care. 

  2. Development of local teams - this is the team that are likely to be looking after a critically unwell child in a local crisis, so this is the team towards whom the program should be delivered, training occurring with the native team facilitates the development of teamwork. 

  3. Development of environmental knowledge and familiarity - when participants are working in their own environment, it leads to the development of greater familiarity with local resources and equipment.

  4. In-situ results in better learning - as the environment is more familiar it also leads to greater realism (fidelity) of the simulation, making the training more valuable. 

  5. Identification of latent safety threats - the programme will also be used to identify latent safety threats within your hospital, by both participants and those delivering the programme.

  6. Development of paediatric acute care systems - as part of the outreach programme we will work with key staff to review current equipment, capacity and systems as they relate to paediatric acute care.

  7. Wider reach - we will be able to deliver education material to large group of participants through some more traditional education methods - talks or case based discussions.

  8. Develop simulation - one of the other key objectives of the programme will be to develop simulation in the host DHB.

DSSP has supported the development and delivery of programmes at regional Auckland sites (Kidz First, NICU at CMDHB and Waitakere Hospitals) and nationally at Palmerston North, Tauranga, Waikato and Taranaki Hospitals.

DSSP is now in a position to invite other DHBs to participate in our Outreach Programme. We can offer our support and share our experiences to assist you in developing and advancing your own simulation programme. We will bring fresh eyes to your environment, and share our knowledge and expertise. We believe it is cost effective for our team to visit your local hospital and engage a number of your staff in simulation learning experiences using a safe structured approach, and help you build your programme.

For enquiries about our outreach service, email Trish Wood