Burns and Scalds

Child burns factsheet



An A4, 6 page factsheet with data and information on causes of unintentional child burn hospitalisations in NZ.

It also contains a section on gender and ethnicity, messaging and good practice interventions.



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Hot drinks burn like fire

[Pamphlet, 2015]

Hot drink burns are preventable.

Hot drinks are the number one cause of burn injuries and hospitalisations among children under five.

This informative A5 pamphlet provides a list of the dangers posed by hot drinks, as well as tips on what to do if your child gets burned.

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Child Burn Injuries

[Pamphlet, 2020]

This pamphlet provides information & statistics on injuries caused by burns in New Zealand.

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Burns First Aid

[Pamphlet, 2020]

This informative pamphlet contains tips on what to do if your child suffers a serious burn or scald.

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Stop Burns around the House

[Infographic, 2020]

This infographic contains tips on how to reduce the risk of burns around the house from hot drinks & food, hot water, cooking, appliances and fires.

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Loving our children : safer homes

[Flip chart, 2009]

Loving our children: safer homes: keeping our children safe from burns and scalds. This A5-sized spiral bound booklet is a child burn prevention resource from Safe Waitakere. It includes general facts about child burns, safety messages around common causes of burns (such as overly hot tap water, hot drinks and food, kettles, irons, barbeques, heaters, open fires, house fires etc) and black and white illustrations of these causes and preventive measures. The booklet could be used during a one to one discussion with parents and caregivers. The audience is home visitors such as WellChild visitors, midwives etc.

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