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Starship Diabetes Adolescent Transition Programme and Clinics

The Adolescent Diabetes Clinics run on Monday and Tuesday mornings at Greenlane Clinical Centre, once a month on Fridays at Botany Super Clinic and once a month on Tuesdays at the Whanau Health Centre in Henderson. 

Starship Diabetes Adolescent Transition Programme aims

Our greatest concern as health professionals is that adolescents may become lost in the process and cease regular attendance with specialised services. This is likely to be associated with increased risk of acute and long-term complications of diabetes

All families are scheduled a formal consultation with one of the nurses at the first appointment within the Adolescent Transition Clinic. At this time, families are issued with a Diabetes Adolescent Starter pack. This pack outlines what families can expect within the Diabetes Adolescent Transition Programme.

Adolescent Transition clinic aims

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