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About Adult Diabetes Services

Young people under Starship Diabetes Services are referred to Adult based Diabetes Services according to their permanent residential address.

Young people living in North Auckland generally are referred to Waitemata Adult Diabetes Service at North Shore Hospital. Young people living in West Auckland are generally referred to Waitemata Adult Diabetes Service at Waitakere Hospital, young people living in central Auckland are generally referred to Auckland Young Adult Diabetes Service at Greenlane Clinical Centre and young people living in South Auckland are generally referred to Whitiora Counties Manukau Young Adult Diabetes Service at Manukau Super Clinic. Young people can also opt to pursue ongoing follow up via a Private Endocrinologist or in some cases via their General Practitioner.

The combination of hormonal changes of puberty and psychosocial challenges of adolescence can create difficulties in achieving goals for well controlled diabetes. Early preparation for transition with open communication between paediatric and adult health providers, young people and their families, will contribute to a seamless shift to adult health care.

The following pamphlets are issued from each of the respective DHB based Adult and Young Adult Clinics around Auckland and provide specific information about these services. The Diabetes Transition Nurse Coordinator provides further information regards each of the respective clinics within the transition preparation phase.

Click on the images below to access a printable pdf of the information.

Auckland Young Adult Diabetes Services

Counties Manukau, Whitiora Diabetes Services

 Auckland Central  Counties Manukau

Waitemata North and West Diabetes Services

 Waitemata North and West  

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