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Going home from hospital

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Going home from hospital after your child has been diagnosed with diabetes can be stressful for families. It is normal to feel this way. The diabetes team are available every day to support you through this transition, so do please let us know if you are worried or finding things difficult.

It can be hard to take in a lot of information when you are tired and dealing with a new diagnosis. Remember that you don't need to know everything before you leave hospital, but we do want you to feel confident with the really important things such as giving insulin, testing blood glucose levels, treating hypoglycaemia and when to call. Before you go home, one of the Diabetes Nurse Specialists will spend time with you going through a brief summary of everything you learnt in hosptial. Also, you will be contacting us daily to discuss your child's blood glucose levels.

Here are some tips to help make the transition from hospital to home a little easier:

Contacting the diabetes team for support

Once stabilised (the levels are mostly within the target range and the insulin doses have stopped changing frequently) it is recommended that families ring the Diabetes Nurses:


Note about the Diabetes Telephone Support Service

It is important to note that the Starship Diabetes Service provide a telephone service to support families, it is impossible especially during times of high demand, to answer every call immediately.

There may be times when your call is diverted to an answer phone. In these instances, it is most likely because the nurse or doctor is taking another call/driving or out of range. Please leave a message on the nurse's phone and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THE DOCTORS PHONE - AS THIS PHONE DOES NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO STORE MESSAGES. Try again in 10-15minutes. In the unlikely event that you are unable to reach the Diabetes Doctors or any of the nurses (for example a phone network failure) and you are not sure what dose of insulin to give, do not delay the meal; instead give the same amount of insulin you gave at that meal the day before and discuss with the diabetes team when you are able to make contact.

In an emergency situation call 111.

Checklist of things you need before you leave hospital

click on the image below to view or download the Starship Diabetes Team discharge advice brochure

Discharge advice

Think you've got it sorted now?

If you have read through the information above, and you feel confident that you understand this topic, print off and fill in the evaluation form below (you might need to ask someone to print this off for you) and return to the nurse on your ward. If you have any questions, note them down on this form and your diabetes nurse specialist will discuss them with you.

Going home: Evaluation

Click on the image below for a printable version of this document

Going home evaluation

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