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Getting to Greenlane Clinical Centre

If you have an outpatient appointment at Greenlane Clinical Centre

Address214 Green Lane West, Epsom, Auckland

The main entrance to the Greenlane Clinical Centre is on Greenlane West Road. There is bus stop located just outside this entrance and another within the site. From here follow the signs to the Greenlane Clinical Centre (Building 4) or to the Cornwall Complex (Building 15). There is also access to and from the site off Claude Road.

Auckland Transport (AT) Journey Planner:  helping you plan your visit to Greenlane.


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Public transport

Visit the Auckland Transport website for information on public transport options - Train, Bus and Ferry 

Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to your appointment. Check out the traffic conditions in your area on the NZTA website

View Auckland Traffic

By car - limited parking available

Please note that there is limited parking on the Greenlane Clinical Centre site, and there may be a delay while you find a car park. There is a cost to use the carpark. For more detailed information including car parking charges, see the  Wilsons Parking website. If possible consider taking public transport or being dropped off and collected. 

Some general free parking is available on Claude Road and nearby streets (2 hour limit).

Drop-off Parks
There are three 2 minute drop-off parks outside the entrance to the Greenlane Clinical Centre.

Disability Parking
There are disability carparks within the Wilsons carpark close to the entrance to the Greenlane Clinical Centre, and also inside the Claude Road entrance, very close to the entrance of the Cornwall Complex.

Transport to and from Auckland Airport

Visit the Auckland Airport website for details of buses, taxis, shuttles and rental cars to and from the airport.

Your safety

All children need to be in an approved car seat when travelling in a car. For more information see, who have information and links to car restraint technicians in your area, and details of car seat rental schemes.

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