Starship CED Education - Information for Presenters

SHO talks should be focused around a case or journal article which matches the topic of the day. See below link for an example of an ED style case with discussion. SHO Talks should take 20-30 minutes. Consider providing resources to the group prior to the presentation and inviting specific questions questions.

Registrar talks should be around 30 minutes and cover a topic related to the topic of the day. This would optimally include case presentation/s and journal articles. As above consider providing resources and specific questions to be answered before the presentation.

Additional information on how to design and deliver great presentations available below:

See education resources for other useful sites for researching topics.

Scenario sessions are run in the resuscitation rooms using high fidelity mannequins. Scenarios topics are varied to ensure exposure to trauma, illness and cardiology and toxicology. Two sessions are run concurrently to allow maximum engagement and learning.

Case of the day

Please bring an interesting case to discuss. No other preparation is required and presentation of the case should only take 5 minutes. Bring any relevant x-rays or results.