Clinical Excellence Resources

Resources are being developed to assist Starship services in achieving their clinical excellence goals, and these can be accessed below:

Clinical Excellence Actions Register Template

The Actions Register template can be downloaded here. This template will allow services to record clinical issues along with proposed solutions, actions and progress updates.

Service Level Clinical Excellence Requirements

The Service Level Clinical Excellence Requirements Form has been developed to provide guidance on the expectations of what is included at service clinical excellence meetings.

Clinical Excellence Service Reporting Form

This service reporting form provides a standard way for each service to feed back to the Clinical Excellence Programme Governance Group to enable celebration of success and to share learning and improvement across the directorate. This form is in word format and can be downloaded here and filled in.

Clinical Excellence Patient Safety Event Review

The Starship Child Health team are committed to providing safe and high quality healthcare to children and families/whānau. When things don't go according to plan, we want to understand what has happened, learn from the experience and improve the quality and safety of care.

The Understanding and Learning from Patient Safety Event process and flowchart provide guidance on the expectations of service clinical excellence groups. The Patient Safety Event Review process uses a multidisciplinary and /or multiservice approach. However, at times a single disciplinary or single service process may be appropriate.

The Clinical Case Review and Service Mortality Review forms have been developed to assist the review process by providing some trigger questions for the review team to consider. The review team members are selected by the clinical service leadership ± the directorate leadership. The terms of reference template can be used to provide guidance to the review team.

Note that PICU and PCCS will continue to use a combined Morbidity and Mortality review form.

Clinical Excellence Service Meeting Templates

Services can download and use the Clinical Excellence Meeting Agenda and Minutes templates provided here for their Service Clinical Excellence Meetings.

Starship Clinical Excellence Safe Care Programme

The Safe Care Programme is the patient safety component of the Clinical Excellence Programme, and aims to promote the active development of a safety culture within Starship Child Health. ADHB Staff click on the following link to find out more: http://adhbintranetdev/starshipnursingmatters/safe_care1.htm