Intravenous nutrition (IVN) and fluids calculator: preterm infants

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This calculator is designed to provide maximal nutritional intakes in the majority of infants who require IVN that can be provided by the National Women's NICU standard IVN solutions.

  • Standard solutions are designed to meet the infant's usual nutritional requirements in a relatively small volume of fluid intake.  Therefore, there is a maximum daily intake of the IVN solutions, and additional fluids are titrated above this to meet the infant's fluid needs.

  • A Starter solution is to be used for infants <1000g who receive IVN in the first 2-3 days of life.  Starter solution is free of sodium and potassium.  Starter solution is limited to 30ml/kg/day.

  • For very preterm infants older than 2-3 days of age, and those larger infants who require IVN, P100 solution should be used.  P100 is usually given at a maximum volume of 96ml/kg/day, which will provide 4.0g/kg/day of protein.

  • Occasional infants will require an individualised IVN solution.

Please consider carefully whether the infant requires IVN or whether 10% glucose (with or without additives) can be used.  In general, larger infants (>1500g) who are expected to feed quickly should not be prescribed IVN.


Patient Data

Date of fluid order
  Enter a surname if the order is to be printed.
Hospital Number
   Enter a hospital ID number if the order is to be printed.
Age of baby
Working weight
g Click here to open the term infant IVN worksheet
Planned daily fluid intake
to be given over
IVN and lipid may be given over a period <24 hours if the baby is receiving intermittent infusions that interrupt fluid administration.
Arterial line fluids
Other infusions
(excluding insulin)
  • Please cons ider whether the infusions should be made up in 5% glucose, 10% glucose, 0.45% NaCl, or 0.9% NaCl.
Oral feeds
ml every hours
IVN amino acid solution
Maximal desired intake: ml/kg/day.
This is the most that you want the baby to receive, even if the baby can tolerate a greater intake.
Maximum possible intake:
Based on current oral feeds and the maximum you have set above.
Actual intake:
  • Protein intakes will be limited to 4g/kg/day from the IVN amino acid solution, and a total of 4.5g/kg/day of combined IVN and oral protein.
Additional glucose
Glucose. Heparin (250U/500ml) is not necessary unless running through a separate lumen.
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IVN and Fluid Order

Date of order Name
Working weight Hospital number



Fluid Type (and special instructions)




Oral fluids




Nutritional Information

Total Energy Intake
Energy from IVN
Protein - IVN
Protein - total
Fat - Lipid
Carbohydrate - IVN

Carbohydrate - additional glucose

Carbohydrate - IVN and additional

Oral feeds
Electrolytes and Minerals
  • This value excludes flushes and medications.
  • This value excludes infusions and medications.