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Happy Birthday Starship

The following was written by Starship patient  Issy Bakewell-White, aged 8.

Happy Birthday Starship!

I had a liver transplant when I was a baby.  Now I go to school and I am in year three at Birkenhead Primary School.  My teacher is Mrs Teague - she is a bit crazy, and funny and I think she is the best teacher in the world.  I do jazz dancing every Tuesday and I do swimming on Saturday.

When I go to Starship now it is for a blood test, or sometimes emergency when I'm not feeling good. Sometimes we go for clinic and see Dr Simon and Karyn the nurse and I get a check-up.

Starship is a great place because they fix children who are sick, or need a transplant and all that stuff!

New Zealanders (ones who know you) love you so HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARSHIP!

Love from Issy.

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