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Please note: All timings to be confirmed. Each day should run from 9am-5pm. Doors open from 8.30am.

Day 1: The History, Appearance, Differential Diagnosis and Investigation of Paroxysmal Episodes


Registration with tea and coffee  


Welcome and introductions                                                                                         Whole group

The epileptic or non-epileptic quiz?                                                                             Whole group

Improving accuracy of diagnosis                                                                                Workshop

An approach to differential diagnoses                                                                         Workshop


Tea and coffee break       


The diagnosis of epilepsies                                                                                          Lecture

Effective EEG in principle                                                                                             Lecture

Effective EEG in practice                                                                                              Workshop




Epilepsy and disability                                                                                                   Workshop


Tea and coffee break  


To 'treat' or 'not to treat' Simulation

Any questions?                                                                                                             Whole group


Day 2: The Diagnosis, Investigation and Management of Epileptic and Non Epileptic Disorders Presenting in Infancy and Early Childhood

Registration with tea and coffee  


Introduction                                                                                                                    Whole group 

Seizures in infants                                                                                                          Lecture

Epileptic spasms                                                                                                            Workshop


Tea and coffee break    


Self-limited and pharmaco-responsive focal childhood epilepsies                                Workshop




Complex epilepsies of early childhood                                                                         Lecture

Tea and coffee break    


Complex epilepsies in practice                                                                                   Workshop

Feedback and closing questions                                                                                 Whole group



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