Starship Foundation aims to enable every family in New Zealand access to world leading child healthcare and experiences

Giving Through Your Pay

The Starship Foundation is an approved donee organisation which means you can donate directly from your pay and receive immediate tax credits that reduce your tax (PAYE).

Payroll Giving...

...saves you time and money, to make a $15 donation to Starship will only cost you $10 as you will recieve a third of your donation back as an immediate tax credit in your pay! easy, your employer deducts your donation from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate tax credit and then forwards the donation to Starship Foundation.  Once set up, it requires very little administrative input. flexible, you can start, stop or change the amount of your donation at any time. rewarding, supporting a worthy cause is really motivating and gives your company a positive reputation for corporate social responsibility. powerful, why not ask your employer if they will match your gift?

...allows Starship to plan ahead, regular support means that Starship can plan long term projects, helping as many children as possible into the future.

How Can I Set Up a Payroll Donation?

Talk to you employer today to see if payroll giving is available where you work. Or for more information Jodie at the Starship Foundation or phone her on 09 307 4949 ext 25722.

Useful Information
Visit the IRD's payroll giving page or download the Payroll Giving Guide (IR617)