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Giving Through Your Pay

Donating directly from your pay allows your money to work even harder for Starship's children.

Payroll giving lets you donate to Starship directly from your pay with donations over $5 you'll receive immediate tax credits that reduce the amount of tax you'll have to pay (PAYE).

It's easy; your employer deducts your donation from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate tax credit and then forwards the donation to the Starship Foundation. For example, a donation of $15 to Starship Foundation will only cost you $10 as you will receive a thrird of your donation back as an immediate tax credit in your pay!

Through your regular payroll giving, you help Starship undertake long term projects, helping as many children as possible into the future.

By donating through payroll giving, you will be helping over 300 children come to Starship from around the country every year via air retrieval. The service provides an "intensive care unit in the sky" which takes a team of specialists from Starship to the child and provides critical care, support and treatment - both at the scene and on the journey to Starship.

But the cost of keeping this specialist aircraft in the air is extensive. With your help, we can more easily meet these costs and provide new and essential equipment for transporting premature and sick babies and critically ill and injured children to Starship for the care they need.

For employees

Payroll giving makes donating to Starship Foundation easy by eliminating the need to hold onto the receipts each time, or to have to file rebate claims. The donation is taken out of your pay before tax.

Joining is completely voluntary. Some workplaces offer encouragement by matching employee donations dollar for dollar, if they don't, why not ask!

Talk to your employer today to see if payroll giving is available where you work.  Or for more information call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782 774) or email Jodie

For employers

Payroll giving to Starship Foundation is a low-cost and administratively simple way to support employee morale and enable businesses to connect with their communities in ways that achieve tangible and mutual benefits for everyone involved.

You can only offer payroll giving to your employees if you electronically file your IRD employer monthly schedule and deduction form.

Useful Information

Visit the IRD's payroll giving page or download the Payroll Giving Guide (IR617)

The following companies currently support Starship Foundation via payroll giving.

ASB logo SKY TV 
                       Spark  TRANSDEV -payroll giving page

              Amalgamated Holdings


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