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Donating Each Month

Because of people like you, a critically ill or injured child will get life-saving help.

Over 300 children come to Starship from around the country every year via air retrieval. The service provides an "intensive care unit in the sky" which takes a team of specialists from Starship to the child and provides care, support and treatment - both at the scene and on the journey to Starship.

But the cost of keeping the fixed-wing service in teh air is extensive. With your help, we can more easily meet these costs and provide new and essential equipment for transporting tiny premature and sick babies and children to Starship for the care they need.

Will you please join the Star Club to ensure Starship can continue to help children from all over New Zealand? 

Children like Bowie Hopkins. At 18 months old, Bowie was rushed into Christchurch Hospital after earlier being diagnosed with croup. Within minutes he turned grey and his body went limp. He did not respond to treatment and his parents did not know if he woudl live or die. Bowie was intubated and put into an induced coma so he could be transferred on the air ambulance.

His only hope was to get to Starship.

Once at Starship, Bowie was put on life support and a ventilator to keep him in an induced coma. He struggled for six days and doctors thought he may have suffered permanent damage.   Starship doctors performed an operation to widen Bowie's windpipe.  To his parent's relief, Bowie recovered from the operation with no permanent damage. 

"I can't believe all this was caused by croup. Our story has a happy outcome. If we didn't get to Starship, it might not have been that way" Bowie's mum, Elody.

Thank you for being a star for all of Starship's children and wanting to help keep the Starship National Air Ambulance flying.

Our valued Star Club supporters give a set donation every month of the year so that all children in New Zealand can receive world class healthcare. The power of their gifts is remarkable, and now we're inviting you to join this amazing group of people.

By donating each month, you enable us to be more efficient and know how much we can regularly count on to plan ahead and exband our healing reach across New Zealand. You can control any changes to your donations, just call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782 774), and we can help you start or change your donations at any time.

Joining is easy, sign up here or for more information call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782 774) or email

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