Giving Through Your Pay

Payroll giving, or donating directly from your pay allows your money to work even harder for Starship's

Payroll giving lets you donate to Starship directly each time you are paid from your pay and you'll receive immediate tax credits that reduce the amount of (PAYE) tax you'll have to pay.

It's so easy; your employer deducts your nominated donation amount from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the appropriate tax credit and then forwards your donation to the Starship Foundation. For example, a donation of $30 to the Starship Foundation will only cost you $20 as you will receive a third of your donation back as an immediate tax credit!

By giving to Starship, you are helping New Zealand children get the best possible health care when
they need it most. Starship has over 130,000 patient visits each year, with 55% of the children seen being under the age of 6.

For employees

Payroll giving makes donating to the Starship Foundation easy by eliminating the need to hold onto receipts, or file a tax rebate claim as your donation is taken out of your pay before tax - giving you an immediate tax credit.

Joining is completely voluntary. Some workplaces offer encouragement by matching employee donations dollar for dollar, if they don't, why not ask!

Talk to your employer today about setting up payroll giving - and start making a lasting impact in the lives of Kiwi kids. 

For more information please call us on 0800 STARSHIP (0800 782 774) or email Fathin Doray at


Useful Information

Visit the IRD's payroll giving page or download the Payroll Giving Guide (IR617)