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In Your School

You may know someone at your school who has been to Starship, or perhaps you just want to help other children. Whatever your reason, fundraising for Starship is a great experience and will make a huge difference to Starship's children.

Follow these five easy steps to get your school started:

1. Think of an idea: or we've got heaps of fundraising ideas to choose from, check out the A-Z guide.

2. Get in contact: just complete the application form and email it to us.

3. Let people know: publicise your event around school and with friends and family. We can send you Starship balloons, stickers and posters to get you on your way.

4. Hold your event or do your activity and HAVE FUN!

5. Collect up your money and send it to Starship: please make your cheque out to Starship Foundation and post to:

Starship Foundation
P O Box

Once we receive your donation, we'll send your school a letter and certificate thanking you for all your hard work.

For more information or advice contact Liaine Warneford on 09 307 4957 or email

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