Emotional & Family Support

A world-class facility is integral to the healthcare delivered and a child’s wellbeing. With your help we can ensure the team at Starship have an environment which supports and enhances the expert care they provide our children, and their whanau.

Family Care and Emotional Support

With your help we completed some wonderful enhancement and refurbishment projects at Starship in 2018, bringing smiles to the faces of children, families and staff alike.

Those who need the Starship Children’s Emergency department now arrive at a much more family friendly waiting and assessment area after a major refurbishment made possible by Five Star Partner ASB. Interactive technology has been installed to help distract and prepare children including ‘The Magic Garden’ designed to distract and calm and ‘The Starship Animal Check-ups’ space, a wall of frames featuring different characters to take children through check-up experiences.


Children and young people being supported by Starship's child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and therapists are benefitting from a refurbishment project completed in October 2018 which saw five Consult Liaison rooms given a transformative upgrade. Unchanged for 13 years, the more welcoming rooms are used by the team of specialists who support children, young people and their families as they navigate the emotional and psychological challenges that go along with chronic and long-term illness, as well as those facing acute trauma situations, through treatment and beyond. 


In addition Starship’s Neonatal (NICU) and Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU), and Starship’s ward 23B all benefitted from your generosity with enhancements to their facilities and equipment in 2018.

Meet Imogen



Watching your child struggling to breathe due to an asthma attack is terrifying for a parent – that’s the situation Auckland Mum Marnie found herself in late on a Friday evening. Checking on nine year old Imogen in bed, she discovered her experiencing such breathing difficulty that she immediately rushed her daughter to the Starship Children’s Emergency Department for help.







This family was just one of thousands to arrive into the emergency waiting room in 2018 where, on average around 100 children are seen every day. Considered the hub of the emergency department, the waiting, triage and assessment area underwent a transformational upgrade in 2018 to improve patient flow and create a more welcoming and family friendly space. 

Fortunately Imogen was able to return home after being treated by Starship’s specialist staff.