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Renal - national antenatal renal dilation guideline

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A New Zealand guideline has been developed to better manage antenatally detected fetal renal dilatation. The guideline aims to better differentiate between those at low risk and those at high risk of surgically significant dilatation, better directing those at high risk to appropriate specialist care and reducing the number of scans for those at low risk.

The following pdf documents include a covering letter, the guideline flowchart, and example images intended for ultasound providers:

  1. Overview of the changes to ultrasound assessment and postanal management of antenatally detected fetal renal dilation. This includes important information for ultrasound providers and LMC/GP ultrasound requesting and follow-up responsibilities.
  2.  Guideline for the management of fetal renal tract dilatation both antenatal and postnatal
  3. UTD classification - ultrasonographic antenatal presentation  
  4. UTD classification - ultrasonographic postnatal presentation

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  • Date last published: 22 May 2017
  • Document type: Clinical Guideline
  • Editor: Greg Williams
  • Review frequency: 2 years

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