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Appendicitis, Suspected

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Algorithm for Suspected Appendicits



Given as a once daily dose - refer to current Paediatric Aminoglycoside and Vancomycin Guidelines for further information on dosing and required monitoring of peak and trough levels (ADHB pharmacy intranet site  including Paediatric Pharmacopoeia).


Laparoscopic versus open appendicectomy

The literature is still controversial, and most recent studies do not show significant differences between the two for length of stay, pain relief, complications and return to normal activity. The decision to be made by surgeon and patient depending on consultant, timing of operation and skill level of surgeon. Laparoscopy would be preferable for female patients with diagnostic uncertainty and for children who would have better access laparoscopically (i.e. obese). Internal audit (Nov 03 - Jun 04 suggests better outcome with laparoscopy in terms of length of stay and complications).

Overnight delay

Studies show no significant morbidity or complications from waiting overnight for appendicectomy.

Appendiceal Mass

Again controversial, but most papers advocate conservative management with broad spectrum antibiotics and interval appendicectomy. Incidence of ~16-40% will fail conservative management and require drainage or operation earlier than the booked interval appendicectomy. It is unknown which patients will be likely to be in this group, therefore interval appendicectomy is still recommended.


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