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Appendicitis, Suspected

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Algorithm for suspected appendicitis

flow chart

* Monitor as per Starship Clinical Guideline on Aminoglycosides, including measurement of renal function with serum creatinine.
**Peritoneal fluid culture results: antibiotics do not need to be changed on the basis of culture results if improving13



Prophylactic antibiotics should be administered before appendicectomy [Andersen et al 2004], in a single dose (secondary doses are only required to maintain tissue levels in long procedures, thus not needed in appendicectomy). For post-operative treatment of complicated appendicitis, an abbreviated regime is as effective as traditional fixed-term regimes [Fraser et al 2010, Yu et al 2013].

Appendiceal Mass

Most papers advocate conservative management with broad spectrum antibiotics and interval appendicectomy [Gillick, Velayudham, Puri 2001]. Incidence of ~16-40% will fail conservative management and require drainage or operation earlier than the booked interval appendicectomy. 

Overnight delay

Studies show no significant morbidity or complications from waiting overnight for appendicectomy [Rajendra, Quinn, Puri 1993].


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