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Plain Films - Facial Bones, Sinuses

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Facial Views

  • If patient is cooperative facial views should be done erect and PA
  • AP erect is a viable alternative, or supine if other options not possible
  • Supine Brow up shoot through lateral will show fluid levels
  • Standard views are:
    • Occipito - mental
    • OM 30 deg (for? FB pre MRI , erase Image plate first)
    • Lateral 
  • Ensure Zygomatic arches are visible on OM 30. If there is concern about Zygomatic arches, do slit cone Townes view. This needs to be underpenetrated exposure - 3 density, central chamber on AEC
  • Occipito-Frontal if there is concern about superior margins of orbits.
  • SMV not done routinely -only at radiologist request.


  • Occipito-frontal view (baseline at 30 deg)
  • Occipito mental view (baseline at 55 deg)
  • Lateral 
  • Must be erect (for fluid levels)

Nasal Bone

  • Lateral (using finger exposure)
  • OM on older patients -erect using Bucky

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  • Date last published: 13 October 2017
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