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Transition planning for cardiac teenagers at PCCS

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Transition plans must be in place for any child over 14+ years

All teenagers aged 14 + years seen in the paediatric cardiac clinic require referral to either the Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) service OR the General Adult Cardiology service.

  • Most teenagers with congenital heart disease will be seen by the ACHD service for their ongoing care. Exceptions: some patients with isolated valvar lesions who will be referred to the Adult Cardiology Service.

  • Most teenagers with non-congenital heart disease such as rheumatic fever, cardiomyopathies or heart rhythm abnormalities will be followed up by the Adult Cardiology Service. Patients residing in Counties Manukau or Waitemata regions will need to be referred to the Adult Cardiology Service at the relevant local hospital.

  • If the congenital heart teen has complex transition needs (complex congenital heart disease and/or complex life-style issues) a Transition Clinic appointment is recommended prior to ACHD follow-up.

    • Transition Clinics are held weekly at the Starship Children's Heart Clinic. They are educational only (without any tests) where the congenital heart teen can meet the ACHD team

    • Please cc a copy of your clinic letter to the PCCS Transition Nurse Specialist, Paediatric and Congenital Cardiac Service, Starship Hospital, Park Road, Grafton, Private Bag 92024 Auckland 1142. ACHD follow-up will be booked by the ACHD Team following the Transition appointment.

    • Bookings for the Transition Clinic are made by the PCCS non-surgical scheduler. Contact the non-surgical scheduler on ph (09) 307 4949 extn 23618.

 ADHB transition options

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