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Resuscitation drugs quick reference guide for Newborn Services

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Drugs for resuscitation - Quick Reference Guide

Medication Adrenaline Naloxone Sodium Bicarbonate Calcium Gluconate
Concentration 1:10,000 0.4mg/ml 8.4% 10%
Dose 0.1ml/kg 0.3ml/kg 0.1mg/kg 2mmol/kg 0.5ml/kg
Weight (g)      
500 0.05ml  0.15ml  0.13ml  1.0ml 0.25ml
750 0.08ml  0.23ml  0.19ml  1.5ml  0.38ml 
1000 0.10ml  0.30ml  0.25ml  2.0ml  0.50ml 
1250 0.13ml  0.38ml  0.31ml  2.5ml  0.63ml 
1500 0.15ml  0.45ml  0.38ml  3.0ml  0.75ml 
1750 0.18ml  0.53ml  0.44ml  3.5ml  0.88ml 
2000 0.20ml  0.60ml  0.50ml  4.0ml  1.00ml 
2500 0.25ml  0.75ml  0.63ml  5.0ml  1.25ml 
3000 0.30ml  0.90ml  0.75ml  6.0ml  1.50ml 
3500 0.35ml  1.05ml  0.88ml  7.0ml  1.75ml 
4000 0.40ml  1.20ml  1.0ml  8.0ml  2.00ml 
4500 0.45ml  1.35ml  1.0ml  9.0ml  2.25ml 
5000 0.50ml  1.50ml  1.0ml  10.0ml  2.50ml 


  1. Appropriate dose must be charted on Drug Prescription Chart. Please chart the concentration of the medication, as well as the volume. 
  2. Choose the weight most appropriate for the baby (above). 
  3. Dosage range for adrenaline 1:10,000 0.1-0.3ml/kg.
    May be diluted to 1-2ml with saline. 
  4. Naloxone may be given via ETT if necessary. 
  5. Dosage range for bicarbonate 1-2mmol/kg.
    Give slowly over at least 2 minutes (preferably longer) 
  6. Calcium is not a routine resuscitation drug. It is used for the treatment of symptomatic hyperkalaemia or hypocalcaemia.
    Dosage range for calcium is 0.5-2.0ml/kg.
    Give slowly over 30 minutes.
    Observe for bradycardia.

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