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Regional cot management - transfer out of Auckland region

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Regional providers of neonatal services are committed to reducing the need for Auckland mothers and babies to be transferred out of region at peak times of occupancy.  The decision to transfer a mother and baby out of region will occur only after the designated responsible Manager and Clinician at each DHB has confirmed that there are no level II cots available.

The decision to transfer will only occur when it is confirmed that the region's resourced cots and/or physical cots are full.

  • Antenatal transfers should be explored first, before any babies are transferred. 
  • Level 2 babies are considered before level 3 babies. 

Local units are responsible for Level II transfers. However level three units will assist with CPAP transfers for Waitemata babies .

Transferring babies out of the Auckland region

It is the responsibility of the DHB of domicile for that baby to find and transfer baby to the nearest available NICU out of the Auckland region. However, if possible, the unit where the baby is residing will assist with this process.

Regional cot management

Post Transfer of baby

  • The referring unit is responsible for ensuring that the unit of domicile for baby is aware of which unit the baby has been transferred to. 
  • The unit of domicile is responsible for any costs incurred for accommodation for partner/support person 
  • The unit of domicile is responsible for organising a return flight when cot becomes available. 


Referring unit - Unit where baby is being clinically managed
* DHB (Unit) of domicile - This is the address where mother first registered her antenatal appointment

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