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Clinical Network for Paediatric Tube Feeding

This site does not accept referrals or provide clinical advice in response to questions. If you are a New Zealand health professional seeking clinical advice, please use your local clinical pathway. If you are a New Zealand child patient, parent or caregiver seeking clinical advice, please contact your usual doctor. You can read the full site disclaimer here.

Purpose of the Network

The New Zealand Clinical Network for Paediatric Tube Feeding was established in July 2015, to support optimal clinical management of children and infants receiving prolonged tube feeding and to promote progress toward normal oral feeding where clinically safe and functionally possible.

Mission Statement

Our aim, as a multidisciplinary clinical and consumer network, is to support optimal management of tube fed children. Our goal is for each child to reach their maximum potential for oral feeding.


The Clinical Network aims to engage with a range of health professionals and health care settings where infants and children receive prolonged tube feeding and related services throughout New Zealand. A key principle of our work plan is to work collaboratively with families who have or are dealing with tube feeding to inform what we develop.


The range of specific activities with which the network is engaging are across the following domains:

Who is in the Clinical Reference Group?

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