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Review - regular three monthly review

This site does not accept referrals or provide clinical advice in response to questions. If you are a New Zealand health professional seeking clinical advice, please use your local clinical pathway. If you are a New Zealand child patient, parent or caregiver seeking clinical advice, please contact your usual doctor. You can read the full site disclaimer here.

Regular clinic review (minimum three monthly)

Children and young people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in New Zealand require:

Outpatient clinic review appointment

All families should have received an appointment letter and if possible, a reminder text or phone call a few days before their appointment. Where possible the clinic review should coincide with appointments or testing with other specialties to minimise time spent at the hospital, with reminders sent if special tests or samples need to be done before the appointment. Family members are encouraged to accompany the child or young person and their parents/carers.

Infection control

See Outpatient Clinic Infection Control recommendations.

Outpatient multidisciplinary Cystic Fibrosis (CF) care

The following health professionals with CF knowledge and experience should be available at each clinic review:



From each clinic appointment data entered by identified team member / members

Document last updated: July 2017

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