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Junior Medical Opportunities

Registrars rotate through Starship as part of the Auckland regional paediatric vocational training scheme. The majority of registrar training positions are of 4 month duration. There are 6 month rotations available in paediatric intensive care (PICU), child liason psychiatry and outpatient clinics. Many of these provide a unique opportunity to help manage complex cases and contribute to both basic and advanced training requirements.

We also provide 3 monthly house officer rotations through a number of services including surgical (orthopaedic, general surgery, neurosurgery, ear nose and throat), subspecialty (cardiology, respiratory, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, immunology, gastroenterology, renal, rheumatology), general medical, post natal wards and children's emergency department.

See the Northern Regional Training Hub Limited  (NoRTH) for further information on recruitment, including individual job descriptions.

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