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About us

The Department of Anaesthesia provides anaesthetic services to all major surgical subspecialties at Starship and the Greenlane Surgical Unit. The majority of our clinical work consists of providing anaesthesia for children undergoing surgery in the operating rooms. We also provide anaesthesia and sedation for children undergoing a wide variety of radiological procedures outside the operating room, helping to facilitate investigations such as MRI scans and cardiac catheterisations. Our clinical care extends over the entire peri-operative period including medical optimisation prior to surgery, and pain management in the days following surgery.

Our team consists of specialist paediatric anaesthetists, fellows, registrars, technicians and a very dedicated secretary. Together we aim to make the journey through our operating rooms a pleasant experience for children and their families.

Currently, our page only contains our clinical guidelines to assist health professionals in Starship and other hospitals. Please check back frequently as we update and add more material to our site.