General Paediatrics

The Starship General Paediatrics service provides specialist paediatric medical assessment and management for children and young people who live in the Central Auckland area. Both inpatient and outpatient services are provided. Inpatients are usually admitted through the Starship Emergency Department and occasionally as an arranged admission. The service provides an inpatient programme for young people with eating disorders who are medically unstable, in collaboration with the Child Liaison Psychiatry team and Eating Disorders Service.

Outpatient services see children and young people with a wide range of paediatric medical problems requiring diagnosis and management. This includes children with behavioural and developmental problems including ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, development issues, and children who have multiple problems requiring ongoing care for chronic conditions. There is a specific diagnostic and management service for children who sit on the autistic spectrum, working closely with the Ministry of Health and backed by a clinical psychologist.

The team consists of specialist general paediatricians, a dedicated nursing team, a clinical psychologist, play specialist, junior doctors in training and medical students. The team liaises closely with other Starship teams, including tertiary subspecialist teams, Allied Health, Radiology, Child Liaison Psychiatry, Starship Community, and other services and agencies including the Kari Centre, Taikura Trust, child protection services and Ministry of Education.

General Paediatrics works in collaboration with Te Hononga, a community health organisation, to provide the Toi Tu Kids service. The service works with families in the community who may be struggling to manage a child’s health or behavioural condition, navigating the health system, struggling with attending appointments and requiring other social supports. The team includes a Te Hononga Nurse Practitioner, Whānau Support Worker and paediatricians from Starship Hospital.


  • Dr Raewyn Gavin Paediatrician
  • Dr Danny Stewart Paediatrician
  • Dr Greg Williams Paediatrician
  • Dr Diane Emery Paediatrician
  • Prof Cameron Grant Paediatrician
  • Dr Anne Tait Paediatrician
  • Dr John Milledge Paediatrician
  • Dr Emma Taylor Paediatrician

Referral Expectations

Referrals to the General Paediatrics outpatient service are made by General Practitioners (GPs), Ministry of Education staff and ADHB staff. Our aim is to see all referrals within six weeks. Patients are then assessed and treated as required, maintaining close communication with the family/whanau's primary care provider and with the expectation of timely referral back to primary health care. 

Referrals are also received from tertiary subspecialist services within Starship and general paediatric teams around New Zealand for the purposes of co-ordination of care.

Referrals to the Toi Tu Kids programme are made directly to the Toi Tu Kids service itself. See the following link for further information. 

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