Starship Hospital Map and Parking Information

A map of the Auckland City Hospital complex, showing the Starship building and parking.


Location Map

Coming to the Auckland City Hospital site
If you are coming to the Auckland City Hospital site, the main entrance is on Park Road. The bus stop is located near this Park Road entrance. From here follow the signs to Starship or, if you are coming by car, follow the signs to Carpark B (Building 33 on the adjacent map). If you are coming to the Children's Emergency Department, follow the 'Adult and Children's Emergency' signs.

There is a Wilsons carpark on the Auckland Hospital site (now called Carpark B), near the back entrance to Starship, that you can pay to park in. If you are bringing your child to Starship, then this is the closest carpark. For more detailed information including car parking charges, see the Wilsons Parking website.

A new carpark (Carpark A) has just opened on the Auckland Hospital site. However this carpark is located close to the entrance of the old Auckland Hospital building (Support building) and adult services.

Drop-off Parking
There are a number of 2 minute drop-off parks outside the Level Three Entrance to Starship.

Disability Parking
There are disability car parks available in Carparks A and B. There are also two outside the Level Three drop-off point at Starship.

In addition, there are a number of disability car parks for the Auckland Hospital site. When driving into the main hospital entrance, take the second turn on the right towards adult cancer and blood services. The disability car parks are on the right hand side of the road.