Resources: Button Batteries

Button battery injuries : demonstration kit

[PVC folder, 2014]

This A4 size kit contains a copy of the booklet "Button batteries: a demonstration plan for practitioners", a Babysitter checklist, 100 DLE pamphlets, and 3 posters. It also contains all the equipment a practitioner will need to carry out a demonstration of the caustic effects of button batteries.

The equipment includes scissors, plastic gloves, petri dishes, sharpie, post-it notes,and 2 packs of button batteries. Due to limited stock we can only supply one kit per request. This is a resource for practitioners and those running injury prevention programmes.

Button battery injuries : a demonstration plan for practitioners

[Booklet, 2014]

This 11-page booklet gives an overview of button battery injuries and prevention strategies with key safety messages for caregivers.

It also includes a demonstration plan describing a procedure using button batteries and ham to show the effect that button batteries have on contact with living tissue.

This is a resource for practitioners and those running injury prevention programmes.

Download SAFEKIDS Button Battery Injuries Brochure>>

Button battery injuries : a lesson plan for primary school students

[Article, 2014]

Lesson plan about the risk of burns from ingesting button batteries. The plan is designed to be used with the button battery injury experiment. Suitable for curriculum levels 2-4. Subject areas: health and safety; science and technology.

Also published as:  The battery controlled: a curriculum-based experiment from Safekids Aotearoa and Energizer. Starters & strategies, Term One, 2014. p. 3.

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The battery controlled : risk of serious injury from battery ingestion : what medical professionals need to know

[Factsheet, 2014]

A factsheet about button batteries for medical practitioners. Information provided includes a description of the hazard, medical complications, treatment guidelines and links to more information.

Download Safekids Med Professionals Factsheet >>