On arrival

We recommend arriving at the hospital at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will allow you time to find a parking spot and make your way to your destination.

See 'Where We Are' for information about where to park, including drop-off points and parking fees.

weigh room

Once you have made your way from the carpark to the clinic building, you will need to find the outpatients reception area for Starship Children's Health (there is a dedicated area within the Greenlane Clinical Centre) and let one of the clinic receptionists know you have arrived.

They will then check your current details. You will need to tell them if you have recently changed your address, phone number or general practitioner (GP). If you have been asked to provide proof of eligibility, you can give the receptionist a copy of your child's birth certificate or passport. For more information see eligibility for publicly funded healthcare.

The receptionist will tell the doctor or nurse and the clinic staff you have arrived, and also advise whether your child needs to have an x-ray or any other tests done before the appointment. Most children will have their height and weight taken by a member of the clinic staff.

How long will our appointment take?

Please allow up to an hour for your first visit, as well as another 30 minutes to park, find your way to Outpatients and register at reception. During the consultation a full medical history will be taken, including an examination where appropriate, and tests such as x-rays or blood tests may then be requested. Some of these tests can be done at Starship at the time of your appointment, whereas other tests may have to be arranged for another day.

Starship Children's Health is also a teaching facility. This means that doctors sometimes have medical students present during their clinics. If you would prefer not to have students present during your appointment, please inform a member of the staff.

If your appointment is at Starship, there are televisions in the outpatient waiting rooms, as well as a fully supervised playroom which can also be used by siblings while you are waiting for or during your appointment.

At Greenlane Clinical Centre there is a television in the waiting room and a playroom for use while waiting for your appointment. The playroom is not supervised so siblings cannot be left there during your appointment.