Ella's Cuddle Corner

"Ella's cuddle corner" is a purpose-built enclosed area in the Atrium on Level Two of Starship, where long term or critically ill children can have a visit from their pets. It is also the site of the Pet Outreach programme.

Ella's Cuddle Corner is the only place in Starship where pets are allowed. Access into wards for guide dogs needs to be discussed with the charge nurse.

Children's personal pets
Pets may be brought into Starship Hospital for visits with a child who:

  • is in hospital for more than a month and is missing his/her personal pet
  • has come in for palliation and/or terminal care or where nursing staff consider there are exceptional circumstances and a child may benefit from a visit with their personal pet

Any visit must be arranged through the nursing staff. Families must provide verification from a vet that the animal is suitable for a visit. This includes up-to-date vaccinations, confirmation that the animal is in good health and their behaviour suitable for a visit. A time can then be booked to bring the pet in.

Pet Outreach programme
Each Wednesday afternoon, a volunteer from the Pet Outreach programme brings their dog to the designated enclosure in the Starship atrium. Children can be brought down from the wards to visit.

Find out more about our pet programme.