'The simulation team are incredibly professional and complete the training to an incredibly high standard. The CRM debriefs are particularly effective in gaining insight into your own behaviours when put under incredibly life like emergency situations. '

'It is a safe space for you to question yourself and others around you while gaining insight into how you would adapt your clinical skills if faced with this again in real life. '

'The scenarios are very realistic and the stress and pressure that you feel are exactly the same as if it was a real patient.'

'This training ensures that effective communication is used for best patient and team outcomes.'

'The program was invaluable to our staff and allowed us to experience realistic simulation in a safe and structured way from experts.
It gave us an opportunity to identify areas of clinical expertise to work on. Staff felt they gained improved communication and decision making skills across disciplines leading to a more cohesive, shared mental model when dealing with emergencies that was useful in all aspects of clinical care.'

'The program highlighted the need for in situ training of teams who work together in order to improve their team performance to increase patient safety. I believe having outside simulation experts come in and work with our teams, meant the resulting feedback was given greater credence ensuring changes in our practices actually occurred.'

'Starship's outreach program gave us the opportunity to test out our organisational and area specific systems and processes, identifying several potentials for error which through an ongoing quality process we have worked to correct in order to make care for the children in our district safer.'

'An example of this was the redevelopment of our paediatric resuscitation trolleys throughout the hospital to make them better fit for purpose'.

'In doing this we have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical care we provide to children particularly during critical events thereby improving patient outcomes.'

We wish to acknowledge and thank the Starship Foundation who support the Starship Simulation Programme through funding training, education programmes and technical equipment required to ensure teams engage state-of-the-art educational resources.