Leadership, Behaviour and Safety in Healthcare

Pop-Up meeting on leadership, behaviour and safety in healthcare

Earlier this year a one day meeting was held in the Marion Davis Library on teamwork, leadership and behaviour and their impact on safety in healthcare, with talks from an outstanding visiting speaker alongside local talent.

The talks covered new approaches to teamwork and safety, and how to implement these approaches in your work environment. They also discussed dealing with behaviours that undermine a culture of safety, why standard approaches to error and risk have had limited success, and why focusing on teamwork, resilience and learning from success potentially offer much more.

The keynote speakers were: 

Neil Spenceley: Clinical Director of PICU at Yorkhill, Glasgow and the Scottish Patient Safety Lead in Paediatrics. Neil's passion is workplace behaviour and culture.

Carl Horsley: intensivist and recently Clinical Director of ICU at Middlemore Hospital. Carl is an internationally acclaimed expert and lectures widely on teamwork, resilience and safety.

Nick Clarke: General Manager for Geothermal and Safety at Mercury Energy. Nick is responsible for strategic and operational leadership and overall responsibility for health and safety across the company.

Due to popular demand, these talks have been recorded and made available below.