Information on accessing CareConnect TestSafe for clinicians

This document is a brief overview of TestSafe and how to access it for remotely based clinicians.

CareConnect TestSafe is a regional initiative by the four Northern Region DHBs to assist information sharing among community and hospital healthcare providers for the benefit of patients. Remotely based clinicians might want to consider enrolling for CareConnect TestSafe for access to ADHB clinic letters, discharge letters and results.

What information is in TestSafe?

TestSafe gives registered clinicians access to:

  • Test results and reports ordered by clinicians in DHB facilities

  • Community laboratory test results. Note: tests done privately, e.g. for insurance are not included in CareConnect TestSafe.

  • Records on prescribed medications dispensed by Community Pharmacies

  • Community Radiologists reports ‘copied to’ DHB clinicians or funded by the DHBs.

  • A range of clinical documents written by clinicians in the DHB facilities including clinic letters, discharge letters and community notes

  • Referrals letters sent by GPs to the DHB and the DHB clinical triage response

Where is TestSafe?

TestSafe is a secure on-line database which is housed at Middlemore Hospital. It is operated by healthAlliance on behalf of the four northern region DHBs (Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waitemata, Northland).

Who runs TestSafe?

Day to day, TestSafe is run by healthAlliance on behalf of northern region DHBs. To manage changes to TestSafe, including requests for information, Governance Group, including senior clinicians and primary care representation is in place. The Governance Group ensures TestSafe is used for its intended purpose

How do I get access to TestSafe?

To get a TestSafe login you must sign and return an agreement to maintain patient privacy, known as an Access Deed. Forms are available online: . Scan and forward completed forms via email to . TestSafe Service Desk will process the signed Access Deed and send you a package containing your login details. You should allow 3 weeks for processing. Please mark you form ‘urgent’ if access is required more urgently than this.

What else might you need?

In some DHB’s you may have issues using older web browsers, you will need to work with your local IS service to solve this problem.

Further assistance and information on TestSafe.

You can obtain further information and assistance on TestSafe from the health Alliance TestSafe Helpdesk.

Phone: 0800 268 626