‘Wish list’ of Gifts for Starship

Thank you for helping bring more joy to Starship patients with your donations! We are so appreciative of your kindness and generosity.


Christmas giving

It’s heart breaking to know that there are children and families spending the summer holiday and, for some, even Christmas Day at our national children’s hospital. And we know how this inspires you to give to Starship at this time of year, but here’s the thing... our gift cupboard is full, so we don’t need presents or toys for the children at the moment.  The best gift you can give a child is the chance to go home for Christmas.Your willingness to give can still help our children and families facing challenging times. If you’re thinking of giving to Starship this Christmas please consider making a donation to the Starship Foundation. There is no minimum amount - every donation counts no matter how big or small.Thank you for helping our Starship kids.

Being a hospital, we have strict hygiene and safety criteria which will need to be followed to protect the children from cross-infection and outside germs. We ask for:

·        No soft toys across all ages please
·        No second hand gifts please

Age Group 0-3 yrs
• Bubbles
• Baby music boxes
• Baby toys – anything that makes noise, lights up, plays soothing music, rattles
• Cot mobiles
• Stacking boxes
• Posting boxes
• Sensory items – finger puppets
• Toy trucks/trains/diggers – big
• Dress ups – fairy wands, tutus
• Wooden musical instruments
• Melissa & Doug puzzles/sticker books
• Cause and effect toys

Age Group 3-6 yrs
• Paw Patrol anything
• Disney Princess/Frozen themed gifts
• Dolls pushchairs
• Plastic baby dolls (all cultures represented) not with cloth bodies
• Stickers/Activity books
• Felt pens and colouring pencils – not crayons
• Pretend cooking and food equipment
• Playdough
• Bubble wands and bubble guns
• Musical girls box
• Duplo (for boys & girls),
• Melissa & Doug puzzles/sticker books
• Wooden jigsaw puzzles
• Cause and effect toys

Age Group 6-9 yrs
• Activity books
• Good quality colouring ink pens/pencils e.g Faber Castel
• Fairy lights
• Model kitsets (planes, cars, trucks)
• Jewellery box
• Costume make up kit – face paint/washable
• Window art kits
• Back packs/wheely bags
• Glow in the dark
• Science kits
• Lego
• Balls
• Pokemon cards

Age Group 9-12yrs
• Lego
• Adult colouring books/kits/crafts e.g Creativity for Kids Grow n Glow Terrarium
• Nail Polish
• Gifts from Typo – retro gamers, speakers, back packs, head phones, lunch boxes
• Connect 4, Monopoly Deal, Guess Who, card games
• Stress balls
• Model kit sets (planes, cars, trucks)
• Make up
• Make up bags
• Lock up diaries
• Stationary sets
• Science kits
• Hand bags/wallets

Age Group 12+ yrs
• Gift cards (Westfield,Whitcoulls, Typo, Number 1 Shoes, Huffer, Event cinemas)
• Summer kits – beach towel, sun block, cap, headphones
• Make up bags
• Make up
• Adult colouring books/kits
• The latest teen novels
• Nail Polish
• Hair product
• Gifts from Typo – retro gamers, speakers, laptop/phone cases, craft kits, letter boards
• Sports equipment e.g rugby ball/basketball
• Monopoly card deal, cubb, gubs,
• Jewellery
• Face masks
• Stationary sets
• Science kits
• Distraction lamps – glitter, lava
• Orbs
• Rubix cubes
• Card games/cards
• Stress balls
• Lego
• Magnet activities
• Sketch books