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Lucy Lawless

Lucy may be an international globetrotter but she's never forgotten her roots.  With three children of her own, Starship is a charity close to her heart.

Lucy Lawless, famous for her role as television icon Xena Warrior Princess, is an ambassador for Starship and also sits on the Starship Foundation Board of Trustees.

Lucy is passionate about improving children's healthcare in New Zealand by helping Starship where ever they need her. 

Over her years with Starship Lucy has played an active part in many Starship campaigns and has done everything from working in a bakery to painting a life size fibreglass horse to help the cause!

Lucy is giving up her birthday for Starship, asking friends, family and fans to make a donation to Starship in lieu of giving her a birthday gift. Lucy celebrates her birthday on the 29th of March 2017, and would love to have your support in celebration of her special day! You can make a donation in celebration of Lucy's birthday here.  

Keep an eye out for Lucy's latest activities for Starship through our Facebook page or join her international following at

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