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Young King Cole

Cole Bulkeley AKA Young King Cole, is one very kind soul. 9-year-old Cole has been fundraising for the children and families at Starship because as he says, "it just feels normal to help others".

Cole got his first taste for fundraising when he was just six years old, he donated $10 of his pocket money to Starship when his big sister Casi was sick with juvenile arthritis. 

He has continued to fundraise for Starship foundation by selling oranges and feijoas in his home town of Kerikeri.

Coles's latest fundraising initiative involves drawing a picture for a talented Kiwi artist, sending it with a charming note requesting a picture in return and auctioning the artwork on TradeMe with all proceeds going to Starship Foundation. 

The first artist Cole approached was Jane Crisp, who's intricate paintings of native birds sell for up to $4000. Jane did a beautiful graphite drawing of fish for Cole, which he auctioned on TradeMe, raising $240 for Starship. 

It was a pleasure taking part. I look at my fish you did for me every day hanging on my wall in front of where I work and it makes me feel warm fuzzies. Keep up your amazing work matey.

Jane Crisp

Cole has been busy drawing pictures for lots of New Zealand artists. To keep up with his awesome fundraising and to nab yourself a very special piece of art, please check out his Facebook page.


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