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Million Dollars for Mito

This Friday evening Auckland's Sky Tower will be the first of more than 90 landmarks around the world turning green to support children & families impacted by mitochondrial disease, as a part of the campaign 'Light up for Mito'.

Mitochondria are the tiny parts of our cells that create energy for our body, allowing us to walk, talk and breathe. When they don't work, the bodies major organs begin to shut down. This is called Mitochondrial Disease, and there is currently no cure.

Million for Mito is a campaign that supports children and families living with Mitochondrial Disease. Funds raised so far have helped to provide educational material to help families deal with a diagnosis, training for Starship nurses and nutritionists to enable better understanding and support for Mito families across the country, research fellowships, and funeral and hardship grants.

Please help Starship Foundation help these children and families. Your support is important and greatly appreciated.

Mitochondria are found in every cell in the human body, except red blood cells; they are responsible for producing more than 90% of the energy that the body requires. They are like the powerhouse  for our cells. When mitochondria do not work properly they cannot produce the energy that the body needs, resulting in damaged cells and eventually possible cell death. Depending on where these damaged cells are, determines which parts of the body are affected. There are many forms of mitochondrial disease affecting mainly children but also adults too.

Currently there is no treatment or cure for this cruel, debilitating disease, let's change that.....Mitochondrial Disease - Don't Let the Power Go Out!

Rebecca Parker

John and Rebecca are fundraising to help Starship Hospital provide more training, awareness and a hope for a cure for Mitochondrial disease for all of the children and families living with the effects of this disease. Check out some of their incredible fundraisers below!

Fire Fighters Trade Hoses for Sponges in Support of Million for Mito

John Parker with son Maddox, and Area Manager Roy Breeze at Hamilton's/Ngaruawahia's Car Wash

Fire Fighters across the country were out in force on the 19th of September, armed with buckets and sponges and hand-washing cars in support of Million for Mito. Over 20 firebrigades from all across New Zealand teamed together to raise an incredible total of $19,300 for Million for Mito!

To see the family information brochure about Mitochondrial Disease, made possible thanks to 'Million for Mito' click here 

To find out more about Maddox and Mitochondrial disease please visit John and Rebecca's Facebook page.  

To donate to the Million Dollars for Mito fund please visit John and Rebecca's fundraising page.

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