Patient wellbeing & lifting sprits

Child centred care that reduces discomfort, anxiety and pain and improves the journey to better health for sick and injured children. Your generosity enables Starship to support the emotional wellbeing of our children alongside treatment for their physiological needs.

Lifting Spirits and Reducing discomfort

A highlight of 2018 was seeing the positive impact of an on-going pilot program which has seen more children being supported, and families waiting significantly less time for neuropsychological assessment and support. Children whose brains are affected by illness, injury or treatment are at higher risk of cognitive, behavioural and mental health difficulties, and with your help Starship’s Consult Liaison team are demonstrating the powerful positive impact of expanding their service and providing this additional support for our children and their families.


Starship’s Play Specialists support children and families for a more positive experience through tests, treatment and recovery by reducing stress, anxiety and discomfort while in hospital. They help caregivers and children understand procedures and can reduce or eliminate the need for sedation. Your support ensures Starship’s team of trained play specialists have the resources and equipment they need to support our children through challenging times.


In 2018 we brought a little bit of Christmas magic to some Starship children by live streaming the Auckland Santa Parade which children watched through VR headsets and tablets. Made possible by Five Star Partner Mercury and their customers, it was the first in a series of ‘360 Experiences’ aimed at lifting the spirits of children and families going through challenging times. 


Meet Ruby


Ruby, 8 years

Ruby developed epilepsy at around 18 months of age but as she got older it became apparent that she needed extra help at school not only with learning, but with social interactions. That’s when the family saw Laura, a clinical psychologist on the Consult Liaison team at Starship.


A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment uncovered that ADHD was underlying Ruby’s learning and behavioural challenges and with that diagnosis came the opportunity to try new medication. The outcome has been transformational. 



Laura Rockman is part of an expanded team providing neuropsychological support to children like Ruby through a pilot program made possible by the Starship Foundation. Support from Five Star Partner Mercury will see this important service continue so a case can be prepared for ongoing funding based on the results of the pilot.