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Mobile Phone Upgrade Campaign

Learn how to turn company mobiles into life-saving devices...

Do you offer your employees the chance to buy their old work phone as they upgrade to a new model or when they leave the organisation?

If so, would you consider offering your employees the opportunity to donate a sum of money to the Starship Foundation - to help save lives at our national children's hospital - in exchange for keeping their phone?  Companies have already jumped on-board and are generously supporting Starship in this way.

We encourage our employees to make a minimum donation of $100 to the Starship Foundation to keep their existing mobile when they upgrade. It's such a great way for us all to support a wonderful cause and also enables employees the chance to recycle the phone by giving it to a family member or a friend.

HR Manager

Being able to donate $100 to Starship and keep my old work phone is a win-win

Charlotte Roberts, Employee

How do I get started:

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