Starship Foundation aims to enable every family in New Zealand access to world leading child healthcare and experiences

Wording Your Will

Including a gift to Starship in your Will is a powerful way to make a positive difference to the healthcare of New Zealand's children, far beyond your lifetime. 

To leave a gift in your Will, simply follow these steps. It is easy to do and so powerful…

  1. Talk to your family. Help them understand why you want to support Starship's children as well as look after your own family and loved ones.
  2. Seek advice from your solicitor. People leave bequests of all sizes so please don't think your gift is too small or it won't make a difference. Ask whether you could add a codicil rather than write a new Will.
  3. Decide how you wish to share your estate. The best way to help the children at Starship is with a residual gift of 5% - 10% as it keeps up with inflation and ensures your assets are divided as you intend. Whatever the size of your bequest, please be assured it will change many children's lives in the future.
  4. Please let us know when you make a bequest to Starship so we may thank you during your lifetime. 

I give and bequeath to the Starship Foundation ____% of my estate to be used where most needed. The official receipt of the Starship Foundation will be sufficient discharge to my Executors/Trustee.