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A Lasting Gift for Starship

Be safe little one. We'll be watching over you. 

Our children. Our grandchildren. Our future generations. 

Keeping them safe and well, healing them when they're hurt and caring for them during their time of suffering. These are some of the most powerful, heartfelt forces we can ever feel in our lifetimes. 

You could say, we live to create a safer, healthier, happier world for our little ones. 

And by leaving a lasting gift to Starship, you can do exactly that. 

We call the wonderful people who support Starship in this beautiful way our Guardian Angels, because they have pledged to watch over the health and wellbeing of the little ones in our care for generations to come. And that's what Guardian Angels do, isn't it? 

To watch a beautiful video about becoming a Guardian Angel, please click here

Sadly, little ones will always fall sick and suffer injuries. And they will always need someone kind and caring to watch over them. That's why it's so important for New Zealand to have a world-class children's hospital. A warm and welcoming place, staffed with the best doctors and nurses, kitted out with the best medical equipment, undertaking cutting edge research, and providing children with the best possible medical care. 

By becoming a Guardian Angel and leaving a lasting gift to Starship in your Will, you'll be watching over New Zealand's little ones long after you've passed on, ensuring they get the quality of care they need and deserve. 

For more information, please contact Marnie Fleming on 021 121 4799/  or download your guide to leaving a gift to Starship here

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