Starship Foundation aims to enable every family in New Zealand access to world leading child healthcare and experiences

Giving a Specific Item

Starship cares for children of all ages, from tiny babies to teenagers.  Many children are far from home and in hospital for long periods of time, so a range of items to help keep children distracted and entertained are welcome.

Playing a game

However, there are strict hygiene and safety criteria which need to be followed to protect our unwell children from cross-infection and outside germs.  Please read the guidelines below to see if your gift is suitable:

  • Check out our wish list - this has been compiled by Starship staff / physio / teachers and play specialists as things they would urgently like in the hospital.
  • NO SOFT TOYS PLEASE!  We respectfully ask that no stuffed toys be donated to Starship.  Soft toys are extremely hard to keep sterile and clean and the stuffing provides an ideal carrier for outside dirt and germs.  Even brand new toys can be affected.
  • Good condition 'hard' toys (i.e. wood, plastic, metal), can be accepted, provided they are safe and can withstand being put through a medical steriliser or dishwasher and wiped with an antiseptic wipe. 
  • Books, toys, puzzles, games, portable DVD's  and CD's make great distractions for our kids but please ensure they are in good condition, not dusty or dirty, have all their parts and can be easily stored.
  • Follow the checklist below to see if your gift in kind donation is suitable:

                   - Is it clean?
                   - Is it in good condition?
                   - Can I post or deliver it to the hospital myself?
                           - (We apologise that we are not able to pick up items)

While we are very grateful for gifts for the patients, you cannot deliver them personally to the patients. We can accept gifts on your behalf and make sure the patients get them.

Please remember that Starship is a special place for our sick kids to get better in and we are often overwhelmed with gifts from generous supporters.  Due to the lack of storage space within the hospital, we may occasionally (during busy periods like Christmas) pass on donated goods to other charitable organisations.

Starship is a busy working hospital so please do not be offended if we cannot accommodate your donation at this time.  We truly appreciate your support and recommend:

  • Selling unwanted items on Trade Me or similar sites and donating the money to Starship Foundation who will use it to fund vital medical equipment, therapeutic play items, family support services, ward rebuilds and staff training.
  • Seeking other organisations which support children but do not face the same health risks.
  • Finding out if there is another innovative way in which your item could be recycled.
  • Check out the rest of our website to see if there are any items on sale at the moment which you can purchase to support Starship.

If you have read the above and are confident you have items which can be donated, please contact Liaine Warneford on 09 307 4949 ext 25863 or email