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Mobile Phone Appeal

Thank you New Zealand! For more than 6 years your old and unwanted phones have supported children in medical emergencies around the country to receive urgent critical care.  

SMPA Thank you

When the Appeal began back in 2009 mobile phone recycling was new fundraising territory, turning old unwanted phones into valuable funds to support children in medical emergencies, and has proved a great benefit to many families across the country.

Recent experience suggests that people are holding onto new Smartphones for longer, selling them or passing them on to family and friends.  This has meant the supply and value of phones available for recycling has diminished over time and for Starship, the programme has run its course.

Although the appeal has delivered a significant and meaningful contribution to children's health over many years we feel that it is no longer an effective way to raise money for Starship.  As an organisation, along with your help, we are proud to have been part of a programme that has had significant environmental benefit with more than 150 tonnes of material having been saved from landfills since the Appeal began.

Starship Mobile Phone Appeal partners will arrange for boxes and envelopes relating to the programme to be collected from outlets across the country in the coming weeks.

If you have collected mobile phones in the past and you are now looking to drop them off, please try any Vodafone, Spark or 2degrees store where they will have an in-store recycling option. 

Need more information?  Please contact us.

As always, there are lots of ways to support Starship, here are just a few:

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