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Funding Life Saving & Life Changing Research at Starship

Supporting Starship Paediatric Research

Research can save lives. It can also significantly improve the quality of life for sick and vulnerable children. In fact research is the key to tackling some of the critical health challenges affecting New Zealand today and that's why Starship Foundation wants to fund even more research.

We are proud to support Starship, New Zealand's largest paediatric clinical research facility.

Here's a snapshot of just two of Starship's current and past research projects:

Pulse Oximetry Screen for detection of critical congenital heart disease in new-borns

Starship Foundation is currently funding a pilot programme for pulse oximetry screening of new-born babies to detect critical congenital heart disease (CHD) in a timely manner.  Early detection of congenital heart disease has the ability to save the lives of babies and or greatly reduce the impact on a child's quality of life should the condition go undiagnosed for any length of time.  The foundation has funded the equipment and other resources necessary to carry out this pilot programme currently taking place at Auckland City Hospital.

Early identification and management of child abuse

Thanks to financial support from the Starship Foundation and its supporters, Starship lead clinicians have led research into the identification and management of child abuse. Due to Starship sharing this knowledge nationally and internationally, it has influenced how this country responds to this critical issue which continues to affect New Zealand's children.

Where to from here?

The Starship Foundation wants to help Starship's leading health professionals carry out more research, enabling them to turn their findings into improvements in bedside care and clinical practice. 

How you can help?

Your financial support of Starship's research will help make new discoveries and improved treatments a reality.  To find out more about supporting Starship research contact Lesley Mynett-Johnson on 09 375 4364 or email 

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